Lavender Hand Cream 150g 薰衣草潤手霜 150g


Infused with essential oil of Lavender High Altitude and Vitamin E oil 蘊含法國高原薰衣草精油、維他命E油

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German Chamomile Hydrosol (Floral Water) 德國洋甘菊花水純露


Spray on your skin to instantly soothe inflamed and irritated skin. 噴灑於痕癢、乾燥或敏感皮膚,有助即時舒緩及止癢。

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About Protea Aromatics 關於普蒂亞芳療


We supply therapeutic grade of essential oils and carrier oils and specialize in formulating aromatherapy blends for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Our body care products are tailored for the well-being of professionals and their children. 普蒂亞芳療致力於產品調配和香薰治療,並搜羅世界各地治療級精油、底油和浸泡油。我們的產品亦是特別為專業的妳及子女而調配。我們亦會定期分享有關身心靈治療的資訊,讓客戶更了解整全治療的功效。

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