Base & Infused Oil 基底油及浸泡油

11 products

Base & Infused Oil can be used alone for a specific purpose or added...

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Body Care 身體護理

10 products

Find out our signature body and face products! [lang2] 使用我們的旗艦產品,全方位護理肌膚!

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Essential Oils 香薰精油

6 products

Essential oils are hand-picked by aromatherapists from artisan growers of all around the world....

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Floral Water 花水

5 products

Floral Water is the water collected from plants during steam distillation. It is a...

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Massage Oil, Balm & Ointment 按摩油及軟膏

4 products

Soothe your body with our signature products formulated with the finest essential oils, base...

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Protea Kids 普蒂亞兒童系列

2 products

Our steroid-free eczema collection is the perfect solution to eczema sufferers who’ve tried everything....

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